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Communication By Design

To insure that communications occurs, we must know how to speak in a manner that will be understood by the listener. We must first know who we are, how we speak and listen and understand. To facilitate communications, we must then be able to identify how our listeners speak, listen and understand. To make it happen, we need to speak, not out of ourselves, but into them.

In over 15 years of consulting, I have discovered that 95% of business problems are not business problems - they're communications problems! Knowledge of who we are, our basic personality-type, enables us to be able to learn about others and therefore communicate with them.


  • What is Communication?
  • What does it mean?
  • How does it occur?
  • What interferes with communication?
  • What is Personality?
  • How does Personality-type impact communications between people?
  • How does each Personality type communicate?
  • How can we facilitate communications with different types?
  • Your Personality (profile test and scoring)—Available as take home if interested.

Interwoven with the theory will be stories of communication and miscommunication due to misunderstanding of the basics of Personality styles. These include tips for interviewing, building teams and customer service.

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