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There are lots of speeches and books out there about networking. In most of them, networking is a process of spraying business cards around at a gathering, and then following up aggressively. That's not what Deb's program is about.

Deb knows that networking is an attitude, and that attitude begins with the understanding that before you get from the networking relationship you also have to give.

This isn't just warm-fuzzy stuff, though. The fact is that human beings are most likely to want to deal with and help people that they like and respect. The fact is that folks are far more likely to help you (whether it's with a referral, an introduction, or listening to your sales presentation) if you've done something for them first.

Deb's program is about networking techniques that are effective in business. They're full of "I've been there" stories and examples.

This is a different kind of networking from what you may have seen before. Deb shows you three important things.

She'll show you how to define the purpose of your networking so that you can concentrate your efforts most effectively.

She'll help you understand the people factors that are an important part of networking. You'll learn how your personal style and the styles of those that you meet influence how they react to you and your relationship.

That understanding won't do much for you, though, if you don't know how to put it all into practice, and Deb shows you that, too. You'll learn how to decide when and where to network. You'll learn the techniques for making it go and effective follow-up techniques that build relationships and business.


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Deb's program on networking is called Networking for Positive Connections She shows your people how to set effective networking goals and then how to make it work with effective networking and follow-up.

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