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Deb brings you the in-depth knowledge that comes from corporate and consulting experience.

Deb's success in the corporate and business world sets her apart from other communications speakers. But she brings you the results of deep research and learning that makes it possible for all kinds and styles of people to improve their communication and networking.

Deb has a MBA to provide the framework and concepts to understand the business environment that supplements her in-depth corporate experience.

Deb is a Certified Management Consultant. She's taken the time and made the effort to learn about the art of analyzing situations and giving advice.

Deb is one of the clearest communicators you'll ever meet. She's been featured in several business collections including The Sales Coach, The Communication Coach, and The Masters Collection. She's published numerous articles. You'll find many of her articles on this site. Check them out to see how she delivers her high quality advice in an easy-to-grasp but powerful manner .

You'll find that Deb's just as powerful in person but warm and friendly, too.



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