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90% of all business problems are communications problems.

Most of the advice that's out there on how to solve those problems sounds like the Nike slogan, "Just do it." That's fine, but it doesn't tell you enough, and it doesn't help you get the job done. That's where Deb comes in.

Deb uses her own excellent communication skills to help you understand the problems that you and your people face and learn the tools and techniques you need to solve them. And she knows which ones are most important, because of her own real-world experience in facing and solving business communications problems like the ones you and your people face every day.

If you're going to communicate effectively, you have to start out by understanding what communication is. Deb's definition is straightforward: "Communication is getting what's in your head into someone else's head."

That sounds simple. You open up your mouth and start talking, or you sit down at the word processor and bang out a memo. But you know from your own experience that it's not that easy at all.

There are three big reasons why communication doesn't work. Communication doesn't work because the speaker doesn't account for the receiver. Communication doesn't work because the speaker doesn't account for audience needs. Communication doesn't work because the speaker doesn't use the right technique.

That makes sense. The question is, "How do we make it work?"

You have to start out by understanding who you are - what your strengths and style are.

Understanding your own strengths and style is not enough, you also have to be able to analyze the style and needs of the people who would be receiving your communication.

Communication is a dynamic process, and that means that you also need to know how to adapt and modify your communication on-the-fly to be successful.


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Deb has two programs that will help your group communicate more effectively.

Communication by Design helps you and your people understand how their style and the style of the people they're communicating with can make or break the communications process.

In Preparing a Powerhouse Presentation, Deb teaches you the techniques that work when you're making a speech or some other presentation to an audience.

Some clients get the best results when they combine one of Deb's presentations with one-on-one and one-on-group work to improve communication skills.

Click here to have Deb contact you about presenting a program to your group.


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